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This is a show case of some of the work of Adam Artaud, who works in a variety of mediums including charcoal, pastel, watercolour, Acrylic, Oil and mixed media.

His work can be seen around the world, often in quite random places, he can sometimes be seen at live Art events.

Several versions of this in mixed media, original is large

Influences include Gauguin, Pollock, Picasso, Francis Bacon, Medievil Art, Japanese Woodblocks, comic book, William Burroughs and Outsider Artist such as Ian francis.

Cadaceus Ballet

Cadaceus ballet. Mixed media about 3 meters by 2 metres

Violin Themed works

This is a study for a large Acrylic piece

A large piece, Charcoal on Paper


Acrylic on canvas


Large piece, Charcoal on paper

Mixed media


Oil painting on Canvas, nearly 3m by 1m, unfinished

Large piece, Charcoal on canvas                 Phone: 07403475471

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